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CK has provided industry-leading commercial design/build services for Omaha since 2012.


Comprehensive Commercial Design/Build Service Provider

Some commercial construction projects require business owners to handle separate contracts for the design and construction phases, and this creates challenges where miscommunication between the designer and contractor causes delays and increased costs. As Omaha’s leading provider of commercial construction services, we put all construction phases under one roof with our commercial design/build services. Our executive team has over four decades in construction and understands the importance of all parties working together on a project.

Benefits of Our Design/Build Services

Having one project owner as your eyes and ears means finding the right partner is critical. CK has experience working with leading architects and engineers in the Omaha area. We’ve worked hard to develop a solid reputation that allows us to hire the best team for your project. Other benefits of our design/build services include:

Increased Accountability

In a design/build project, one company is accountable for the design process and making sure the project is on time and under budget. Being in control of all phases allows the contractor to carefully account for all project elements and submit a more accurate bid to the client.

Shortened Project Schedule

For traditional projects, the designer develops the design plans and hands them off to the contractor, who starts gathering third-party bids. This construction method increases the risk of delays because you’re relying on two separate schedules remaining on target. Design/build allows you to reduce time by eliminating middlemen on a project.

Reduced Costs

Eliminating middlemen and working with one point of contact allows you to reduce costs. Partnering with CK from day one allows you to take advantage of our cost influence method. Our team assesses your project and forecasts the cost of materials and labor, allowing us to deliver a more accurate bid for your budget.

The Design/Build Construction Schedule

We recommend our commercial design/build services because they streamline the building process into five phases:


We recommend our commercial design/build services because they streamline the building process into five phases:

Hiring Your Design/Builder

Hiring your design/build contractor is when the project really begins. We recommend involving your commercial design/builder early in the project. This allows them to identify cost-saving opportunities and hire the right team members.


The design stage is where your project is brought to life in a series of blueprints. Your single point of contact works with the designer to make sure that construction costs are reflected in the drawings and carefully reviews each design before approval.


Commercial design/build projects can begin quicker because the construction phase starts during the design phase. As your blueprints come together, the construction team starts cleaning the site and prepares to begin building. Your contact covers and manages the subcontracting team and makes sure that all jobs are done right.


The post construction phase is the final step of your project. It includes site cleanup and final walk-through to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Commercial Design Build Services That Simplify Projects

Tired of working with multiple points of contact for your construction projects? Contact CK Construction today and learn the benefits of our design/build services.

CK Construction: Omaha’s Leading Provider of Commercial Design/Build Services

We understand that a project’s success relies on developing and implementing an accurate plan based on real data. Our team has over 40 years of experience working in construction and uses our knowledge to provide valuable input that simplifies the construction process. Along with our design/build services, we also offer additional general construction services that make sure our clients receive the best finished project, including:

  • Construction management
  • Project planning
  • Operations management

Involving our team early in your project allows us to maximize its success. Our philosophy is to deliver a quality project within budget and on time. We work with Omaha’s top vendors and contractors to find the right solution and maintain frequent communication throughout construction. At CK, we work hard to make your construction dream a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial design/build services.