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CK can bring a team together, be it architects, engineers, developers, financing, investors, or even sales.  We make the connections needed to get a project started.



CK has expertise in all building types including wood, brick, masonry, precast, pre-engineered and conventional red iron. Our long history of using a wide variety of construction materials gives our team innate abilities to tackle your building project.

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Our philosophy is to provide a quality project within budget and on-time. CK will work with its vendors and subcontractors to find the right solution for your project. In those regards, we take the needs of the client versus the budget and schedule, then figure a proper solution to make it all fit.

We strive to keep the client at the center of the whole process, keeping them informed on budgets, construction timeliness and key milestones. There are many moving parts throughout a project, from design to federal, state and local codes and sequencing the flow of the construction activities to finally turning over the completed product. It is imperative to have a company that knows the process of even the most demanding projects to make your dream become reality.

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Everything they said about how things would proceed turned out to be true, from working with the architect to lower costs, to being on the scene during construction, right up to when the final item was completed. Now we are in the building and they are still on the scene to address any request or to follow up on any item; they take pride in their project.

We have dealt with many contractors through the years and this company is second to none. we will have them do work for us in the future; they have our full support. i will be happy to discuss further at any time as to their performance and capabilities.

Nate DodgeExecutive Vice President of NP Dodge

We work with hundreds of companies in the Omaha metro area, always searching for the best value for our clients. It is one of the benefits of being entrenched within the local building community.


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